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Short term personal loans for one, three, six and twelve months are gaining popularity these days because of many independent reasons. Smaller the loan amount, better the processing time; as lenders generally do not perform credit check for smaller amounts. However these loans may get approved quickly but have short repayment cycle. If you have financial difficulties in repaying in 1 month, then better apply for 6 to 12 month loans, as you may get fixed monthly repayment plan from the lender. Smaller amount loans are designed to cover immediate cash needs without much stress at borrower’s end. These loans are perfect for situations when you need urgent cash and have already consumed the monthly income, but still there are 5 to 6 days left for your next payday. You can apply for a 1 month loan now and we will surely help you in getting a quick £100 cash at the best APR. Repay in small and easy installments in order to cover any urgent situation. This should help you get over your currect credit crisis and manage your expenses with planned borrowing.

Text Loans for a month

Text loans are a form of small amount payday loans applied via mobile SMS. You only need to send a text message to the text loan lender in order to get you the loan. These loans are very popular these days because of the potential benefits they offer to clients. Like if you want to borrow £300 to manage a shortfall in your finances, you can simply request an instant payday loan from you lender, by sending a text from your mobile phone. The lender will immediately transfer money into your pre-approved loan account. These loans are repayed in a month via your debit card on pre-approved date and rates, as per the agreed terms. With flexible terms and conditions, you may ask your lender for a larger loan amount in the future.

get cash now
You can utilize the money for any purpose, such as :
  • Use it for shopping or travelling
  • Pay off bills that are urgent
  • Do urgent cars or home repair
  • Have the cash or money in your hand.

You will be eligible for obtaining the money anytime after approval of text account.

1 month no guarantor loans -

Short term loans for a month are normally no guarantor loans, since the loan amount and loan repayment period are smaller than traditional unsecured loans. Since finding a gurantor is difficult these days, so lenders have come up with small amount loan types to cover vast potential clients who may require small cash assistance up till their monthly payday.

Cash loans for 3, 6 and 12 months -

Although if you wish to apply for a larger amount with longer repayment cycle, you may select the repayment cycle to 3, 6, or 12 months other than 1 month. However there are similar formalities for a loan application, but longer duration may involve a credit check on you. Lender can contact you with further details as per their discretion. It is advisable to discuss your requirement with the lender before making a decision for longer duration loan. You can apply for cash loans of up to £1,000 for 12 months. The process of loan application is easy and if everything goes well, you can expect instant approval on your application. You can also opt for flexible repayment tenure.

‘1 month loan UK’ offers you a single window application for 40 plus lenders in UK and therefore assures you guaranteed decision. After the loan agreement is signed, you can obtain money in your bank account directly as well as you can get it through cheque.